August 17, 2023

  • Increased Melee Weapon charge damage coefficient.
  • Fixed Rifle Arsenal unobtainable after finishing the boss kill quests.
  • (For those who have already finishing the boss kill quests, please kill any of the listed boss for the item to be dropped)
  • Fixed Dark Knight's shadow has damage collision before dashing.
  • Fixed pausing the game will prevent certain cinematics from progressing.
  • Enhanced boss battles:
  • Adjusted Gravekeeper skill cooldown.
  • Adjusted Hansel and Gretel fight arena to prevent boss glitching out of the boss arena.
  • Other bug fixes.


August 12, 2023

  • Significantly improved loading speed
  • New feature: You can now skip the main menu animation by pressing ESC (keyboard) or B (controller back button)
  • Each boss now has a unique entrance sound effect
  • Improved Dark Knight's model
  • Optimized the placement layout of crates
  • Improved enemy perception and behavior
  • Rooftop will now properly save the cinematic progress
  • Back alley fix on the fall down animation during cinematic sequence
  • Other bug fixes


June 12, 2023

  • Fixed some language issues where voice acting and dialogues did not match
  • Fixed some crashes caused by loading errors
  • Optimized the hitbox of certain bosses
  • Optimized the skill release order of some bosses
  • Improved background music
  • Adjusted the names of some collectibles
  • Corrected the names of some weapons

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