Aeonsparx Interactive
Based in Kuala Lumpur,

Release Date:

Q1 2023 (Steam)


PS4 & PS5
Xbox Series X|S



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Zombie Soup is a top-down shooter combined with hack and slash action that follows Ricky, a backpacker who is thrown into an unexpected adventure in an unfamiliar town as he shoots and dodges his way through hordes of bizarre creatures and challenging bosses to save a kidnapped girl!


Zombie Soup is an action adventure game made by Aeonsparx Interactive. During the founding stage of the studio, the developers of Aeonsparx Interactive has always been a big fan of action games with split second tight control and difficult boss fights. Everyone in the team was very much onboard for the journey to make our very first indie game title with a goal to release for PC and Consoles in mind. They have decided to make a game around the idea of Classic Zombie genre with a quirky twist in storyline that has plenty of humour and light hearted moments. Successfully backed by Epic Mega Grant and MDEC Grants after three years of development. Zombie Soup is available in Steam Next Fest 2023 on 3rd October 2022 with a playable Demo and set to officially launch on early January 2023. Zombie Soup will also make its way to Playstation, Xbox X|S and Nintendo Switch.


  • FAST-PACED ACTION! - Put your shooting and dodging skills to the ultimate test against countless brain-eating zombies that will chase after you non-stop across rooms!
  • CRAZY BOSS FIGHTS! - Encounter ridiculously tough bosses with bizarre abilities that will certainly challenge all your skills!
  • MULTITUDE OF WEAPON CHOICES! - Unlock and discover an arsenal of different weapons from trusty shotguns to outrageous peculiar weapons with special effects that deal insane amounts of damage!
  • LOCK N’ LOAD! - Upgrade and customise your load-outs and equip powerful perks to help mow down larger hordes of zombies!
  • RETRO VIBES! - Relive the nostalgic vibes of the 80’s when arcade joints and bellbottoms were popular!


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Awards & Recognition

  • Global Top Round 2019 GTR Conference Bangkok.

    - 1st July 2019 - 3rd Place (SEA)

  • Level Up KL 2019, SEA.

    - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 8th November 2019 - Nominated for Best Audio, Best Technology and Best Gameplay.

  • The PC Indie Pitch 2019

    - Busan, Korea, 15th November 2019 - 3rd place in PC category

  • Global Top Round 2020 GTR Conference Malta.

    - 17th January 2021 - Top 10 Studios (Global)

  • Epic Mega Grant.

    - September 2020

  • Level UP KL 2023 - Rising Star Award

    - October 2023

About AeonSparx Interactive


AeonSparx Interactive comprises of a team of like-minded and enthusiastic artists, programmers and naturally, gamers. As a small yet passionate indie studio located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are constantly challenging our creative limits to develop ideas unbound by any restrictions and to ultimately deliver a gaming experience reflective of all the accumulated designs and visions which we can proudly claim as our own.

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Kong Foong Ching
Project Lead, Creator, Art

Adrian Giam Chung Eu
Script Writing, Marketing

Joeson Tan Pak Xiong
Programming, Game Design

Alex Chew Hoo Wing
Programming, Audio

Low Jian Liang
Tech Art, Visual Effects

Christie Chau Pui Lam
Animations, Audio

Haziq Nasyirat Bin Hasani
Level Art, Lighting

Yuki Ong Jing Xuan
3D Modeling

Amal Issanova
3D Modeling

Sian Chung Yang

Anderson Lau
Level Design, Testing

Ronald Ng
Music Composing