Game Name: Zombie Soup

    Developer: Aeonsparx Interactive Sdn Bhd 

    Platforms: Steam

    Release Date:  Year 2020

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Outrageous Weapons

A large collections of crazy selections of melee and range weapons waiting to be discovered by collecting blueprint fragments in old cartridge format. Blowing off the dust and combining in to the ultimate weapons that even Lucifer would be feared for.

Unique Enemies & Bosses

Ever fought a zombie fish monger carrying a big fish in to a fight? A cowboy zombie with a gun? We got them all ready for you deep in the dungeons.

Dungeons Awaits

There is a unique and unparalleled realm. You have the freedom to pick the next path you are going to take, unlock doors, bosses, coins, fragments and finding survivors.

Unique RPG Elements

Delves in to the unique world of Zombie Soup by meeting strange passerby and saving survivors scattered in the dungeons. 

80’s Aesthetics

Nostalgic feelings of greatest time in pop culture and video games. Find familiar set items like cassette tapes, game cartridges, vintage computers, toys, appliances and you may pick up something from future if you are lucky enough.


ZombieSoup is a fast pace twin stick shooter action adventure game following the fate of a young hero to shoot, loot and dodge tool his way to save a girl from the evil lurking in the dark. You are Ricky, a college kid on backpack seeking his own adventures out in the country. On an ordinary night Ricky woke up on a long journey to a small town. Soon he discovers that the town has been infested by zombies and monsters.


Explore through a town full of infested zombies and monsters, banishing the abomination from hell and vanquishing the evil lurking in the dark. Finding the collect fragments of blueprint to gather outrageous selections of weapons. In the journey, you will discover powerful items, find survivors, meet strange freaks and encounters countless secrets and traps.

As you progresses, you’ll unfold the stories behind the zombie infested town. You will die repeatedly but each comes back will makes you better than the last time.


Heart Pumping Actions

We love fast pace action games! In Zombie Soup our players will be able to make use of the agility of the characters to nudge, whack and shoot at the zombies and monsters in action-packed battles. Quick hands and superior control are part of the experience.





GTR (Global Top Round) Pre-accelerator 2019 Bangkok

South East Asia 3rd Place

GTR (Global Top Round) 2019 Busan

World Top 40







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