Virtual Reality

Experts in the field of computer graphics, software engineering and business development. Aeonsparx Interactive are at the forefront of Virtual Reality App design. Through utilising immersive 3d technologies, Aeonsparx is able to develop applications that engage modern markets and give business’ and education a competitive advantage. Interactive applications that augment the user’s reality with creative and developmental tools.

We help brands connect with their audience by transforming digital ideas into amazing real-time user experiences.

Aeonsparx Interactive is a team of specialised individuals that amalgamate skills from different areas; Business development, Architecture and Engineering, Software development & Entertainment. Our goal is to develop and create applications that dynamically integrate virtual reality with practical and creative innovations for the human experience. We work closely with our clients to develop optimal software and applications that ensure adaptability and are user-friendly.

We are an innovative, creative and integrated practice with a multinational and multitalented team, based in Kuala Lumpur. Dedicated to Innovation with a keen interest for sustainability and design, our strategic development adopts a wide range of work, from urban architecture applications to cultural buildings, from product design to marketing strategies. Combining latest technologies with techniques; harnessing skill, enthusiasm and know how; we create inspirational applications


With our VR content running at 60 fps (frames per seconds), the high fidelity head tracking movements would give a sense of dynamic and smooth response from every movement and direction that we are looking at. Our user will have a better time to immerse in the virtual world of the content and blurring the line between the virtual world to the real world.

World Expo Russia Mangrove VR

3D animated environment in VR Experience of Mangroves. Showcase look at menu popup for information.

Software : Blender, Unreal Engine

Application For Real Estate

Aeonsparx  have developed a number of dynamic applications for the real estate industry. Our applications bring locations and properties directly to the end user and are highly interactive and responsive.

Users can interact and visualise properties realistically. Our real estate applications are fully customisable and can target effectively and turn curiosity into quality interest.

These applications are highly advantageous for foreign and interstate investment as well as Off plan property

  • Captivate potential consumers and spread stories
  • Visit or tour virtually
  • Anywhere + Everywhere
  • Explore residential and commercial properties with rich interactive virtual reality
  • Increase engagement and client interest
  • Virtual reality experiences for display suites our applications are fully customisable

Maldives VR

Interactive Maldives VR with HTC Vive / Oculus Rift. Showcase of navigation features with teleportation, bookmark locations, furnitures configurations and etc.

Software : Blender, Unreal Engine

VR House

Interactive VR House with HTC Vive / Oculus Rift. Showcase of navigation features with teleportation, bookmark locations, furnitures configurations and etc.

Software : Blender, Unreal Engine

VR Children Room

Interactive VR Children Room with HTC Vive / Oculus Rift. Showcase of hand interactive and physics interaction.

Software : Blender, Unreal Engine

8 Conlay VR

VR walkthrough architecture walkthrough with interactive look at menus. It’s a mix between 360 video and interactive VR application.

Software : Unity3D