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Experts in the field of computer graphics, software engineering and business development. Aeonsparx Interactive are at the forefront of Augmented Reality App design. Through utilising immersive 3d technologies, Aeonsparx is able to develop applications that engage modern markets and give business and education a competitive advantage. Interactive applications that augment the user’s reality with creative and developmental tools.


Augmented reality, or AR, is the enhancement of a real world environment by way of computer generated stimuli. AR engages rather than distracts. Enriching the users experience with tangible technologies. Using graphics, sound, 3d rendering, animation and GPS location services AR is the bridge between the day to day and the possible. Our applications fulfill the potential that Augmented Reality presents to the current and future App development market.

The AR in our applications is in Real Time, it is relevant and it is content specific.

Through the utilisation of AR technology (eg. adding computer vision, object recognition, object manipulation) the information surrounding the real world of the user becomes interactive, manipulable and augmented.

Applications for AR are diverse and can be applied in the fields of Education, Architecture, Art, Commerce, Engineering. Property Development,  Industrial Design, Tourism, Navigation, Real Estate and Games. 


Our applications have been optimised to be completely dynamic and fluid both in its augmentation and its information processing. Granting the user Real-time augmented reality. Our data and software compression also allows our applications to remain relatively small yet maximised for performance and responsiveness. We custom build your application to your requirements and ensure optimal performance.


Our Augmented Reality Applications have been developed to be activated by visual references like printed images and landmarks and not clunky and unaesthetic bar codes or QR codes. This makes the possibilities endless for augmented reality that can be activated by and enhance diverse media. Our coding and visual tracking allows us to use any visual reference as our “anchor”. This opens an infinite number of possibilities to augment and enhance any visual reference. The “anchors” need not be static, they can be mobile which adds yet another dimension to the manipulation of the augmented reality.

Our “Anchors” or markers can be:

Printed media for example: Posters, billboards, flyers, books, catalogs, magazines

Digital media for example: computer screens, mobile devices, film screens

Visual References for example: Land marks, Theatre stages, Concert stages, Sculptures…

Possibilities are endless…

In our video example the augmented reality is activated by two different types of computer screen, printed flyer on paper and printed on canvas poster. Which furthermore can be viewed by any device with the application


Aeonsparx  have developed a number of dynamic applications for the real estate industry. Our applications bring locations and properties directly to the end user and are highly interactive and responsive.


Users can interact and visualise properties realistically. Our real estate applications are fully customisable and can target effectively and turn curiosity into quality interest.


These applications are highly advantageous for foreign and interstate investment as well as Off plan property

    •    Captivate potential consumers and spread stories

    •    Augment to inspire visits

    •    Anywhere + Everywhere

    •    Explore residential and commercial properties with rich interactive augmented reality

    •    Increase engagement and client interest

    •    From flyers to augmented reality experiences for display suites our applications are fully customisable

ARkit / ARcore

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ARkit and ARcore are the latest advancement in AR technology for deploying AR contents in our Mobile Devices (iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablets). This new technology enables us to develop interesting AR visualisation without the need for printed “Markers”.

All the user has to do are just to let the device to recognise the real world in to 3D space and place the 3D object in the real world by a tap on the screen.

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